System requirements

Kenesto is a cloud solution, which runs in your web browser. Kenesto runs in many web browsers, but has been certified to run on any of the following:

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Internet Explorer 10 or later
3D viewing requires the  Google Chrome Frame plugin for Internet Explorer
Mozilla® Firefox® Firefox 3.6 or later
Kenesto 3D viewing requires setting an option in Firefox. Learn how to enable 3D viewing in Firefox
Google® Chrome Chrome 18 or later

On mobile operating systems:

Android® Native browser or Chrome for Android
Apple® iOS® Safari browser. Install the HOOPS Viewer for iOS app to view 3D models.

Kenesto Drive:

Verified on MS Windows® 7 and above  

Short Tutorial Videos

Click here to access some of our short tutorial videos which describe how to get started, various features and use-cases.


Kenesto Drive:

Kenesto Drive offers companies the perfect alternative to the use of a shared network drive.  Subscribers can interact with their files in the same way they do today within their shared drive, but with added benefits such as automatic back-ups, automatic version capture, innovative and simple vaulting, and more.  Kenesto Drive supports documents which have been shared across your entire virtual team (either inside or outside your company), and maintains all permission and status levels so that you don’t have to worry about files being accidentally shared, deleted, or overwritten.
If you would like a short live demonstration with someone who can answer question and share best practices for using Kenesto Drive, please contact us.

Before getting started, please consider reviewing our quick-start tutorial here.


If you already have a Kenesto subscription and login credentials (your Kenesto username and password), click here to download and install Kenesto Drive.  Otherwise, you can register for Kenesto here**.  
**Please note:  If your company is already using Kenesto (thank you!) your company administrator will be notified and they can add you to your Kenesto instance.  You are welcome to contact us here or email us at: and we will be happy to contact your administrator on your behalf to help you gain access quickly.  


Kenesto Exporter add-in for Revit:

The Kenesto Exporter for Revit will allow Revit users to export a special file format that can be more easily viewed.  This makes sharing and viewing models created within Revit much more viable, especially for remote users, including those using mobile devices.  This will also work in conjunction with the Kenesto Desktop Synchronization utility, so that you can merely export the file to your local desktop folder, where it will be automatically uploaded to Kenesto.
Click here for instructions on how to install the Kenesto Exporter add-in for Revit



Contact support

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+1 781 780 7400

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