Cloud Storage for Engineers

A secure file sharing and storage solution for CAD designers and their teams



Seamless Desktop Web Syncing


2D/3D CAD Viewing


Version & Permission Control


File Sharing & Collaboration

What is

Kensto Main

Kenesto® is a cloud storage solution for CAD engineers and their teams. Powerful yet simple, Kenesto provides engineers with the fundamental cloud storage capabilities they want without compromising the features they require: online with mobile access and backup, 2D and 3D viewing, file sharing, syncing, collaboration, versioning, vaulting, and more. Just as with consumer oriented cloud storage solutions, there are no expensive infrastructure or licensing costs, moreover, Kenesto is an easy-to-use and affordable cloud storage solution designed specifically for CAD engineers and designers.

Kenesto® Drive™

Kenesto Drive offers companies the perfect alternative to the use of a shared network drive.  Subscribers can interact with their files in the same way they do today within their shared drive, but with added benefits such as automatic back-ups, automatic version capture, innovative and simple vaulting, and more.  Kenesto Drive supports documents which have been shared across your entire virtual team (either inside or outside your company), and maintains all permission and status levels so that you don’t have to worry about files being accidentally shared, deleted, or overwritten.